Siberian Turkic Languages

The Siberian Turkic or Northeastern Common Turkic languages are one of six major branches of the Turkic language family. The following table is based upon the classification scheme presented by Lars Johanson. (1998)

Proto-Turkic Northeastern Common Turkic (Siberian) North Siberian
  • Sakha (Yakut)
  • Dolgan
South Siberian Sayan Turkic
  • Tuvan (Soyot, Uriankhai)
  • Tofa
Yenisei Turkic
  • Khakas
  • Fuyü Gïrgïs
  • Shor (Saghay Qaca, Qizil)
Chulym Turkic
  • Chulym (Küerik)
Altai Turkic
  • Altay Oirot and dialects such as Tuba, Qumanda (Kumanda), Qu (Kuu), Teleut, Telengit

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