Siberian Tatars

Siberian Tatars (Sybyrtatar:Сыбыртар; Sybyrtar) refers to the indigenous Siberian population of the forests and steppes of South Siberia stretching from somewhat east of the Ural Mountains to the Yenisey river in Russia. The Siberian Tatars call themselves Top Ierli Khalk or older inhabitants to distinguish themselves from newer Volga Tatar immigrants to the region.

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Tatarian - Subgroups - Siberian Tatars
... The Siberian Tatars occupy three distinct regions—a strip running west to east from Tobolsk to Tomsk—the Altay and its spurs—and South Yeniseisk ... The 2010 census recorded 6,779 Siberian Tatars in Russia ... According to the 2002 census there are 500,000 Tatars in Siberia, but 300,000 of them are Volga Tatars who settled in Siberia during periods of colonization ...
Tatar Language - Geographic Distribution - Dialects of Tatar - Siberian Tatar
... Siberian Tatars pronounce ç as, c as and sometimes b as, d as, f as p, j as ch, t as d, z as s and h as k ... Many linguists claim the origins of Siberian Tatar dialects are actually independent of Volga–Ural Tatar these dialects are quite remote both from Standard Tatar and from each other, often preventing mutual ... The claim that this language is part of the modern Tatar language is typically supported by linguists in Kazan and denounced by Siberian Tatars ...