Siberian Tatars - Siberian Bukharans

Siberian Bukharans

The Bukhalyks, literally those from the city of Bukhara are descendents from 15th and 16th Century fur merchant colonies from Central Asia. These settlers have now merged entirely with Siberian Tatars. In 1926, they numbered 11,659 individuals.

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Siberian Bukharans

The Siberian Bukharans were merchants from Bukhara who settled in Siberia in the 17th Century after the area had been conqueored by the Russians. They were also known as Sarts and occasionally also classed as Tatars.

The Siberian Bukharans maintained their own identity and were quite numerous. They numbered 23,671 in 1926. Their main bases of settlement were Tobolsk, Tara and Tyumen.