Shot Noise

Shot noise is a type of electronic noise which originates from the discrete nature of electric charge. The term also applies to photon counting in optical devices, where shot noise is associated with the particle nature of light.

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Image Sensor Format - Sensor Size, Noise and Dynamic Range - Shot Noise
... In the above equation, the shot noise SNR is given by ... Thus for equal exposures, the signal to noise ratios of two different size sensors of equal quantum efficiency and pixel count will (for a given final image size) be in proportion to the square root of the sensor area (o ... to the sensor area, producing the interesting result that if depth of field is a constraint, image shot noise is not dependent on sensor area ...
Space Charge - Shot Noise
... Space charge tends to reduce shot noise ... Shot noise results from the random arrivals of discrete charge the statistical variation in the arrivals produces shot noise ... the random arrivals of the carriers are smoothed out the reduced variation results in less shot noise ...
Laser Ultrasonics - Ultrasound Detection By Laser
... and in terms of light budget (thus requiring more laser power to achieve the same signal to noise under ideal conditions) ... Under these conditions photon shot noise dominates the sensitivity and this is fundamental to all the optical detection techniques ... However, the ultimate limit is determined by the phonon shot noise and since the phonon frequency is many orders of magnitude lower than the photon frequency ...
Noise (electronics) - Types - Shot Noise
... Shot noise in electronic devices consists of unavoidable random statistical fluctuations of the electric current in an electrical conductor ...
Shot Noise - Properties - Optics
... In optics, shot noise describes the fluctuations of the number of photons detected (or simply counted in the abstract) due to their occurrence independent of each other ... for instance, thus leading to a larger effective shot noise level when using a detector with a quantum efficiency below unity ... Of course there are other mechanisms of noise in optical signals which often dwarf the contribution of shot noise ...

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