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Captive (video Game) - Gameplay - Shops
... There are shops where the droids can buy, sell and repair various weapons, ammunition and body parts ... There are also accessories that can be purchased at the shops such as batteries and remote cameras, and a variety of special utility devices ...
Gries, Germany - Economy and Infrastructure - Economic Structure
... Shops that did not necessarily have anything to do with agriculture began arising in the early 20th century a roofing business, a butcher’s shop, painting businesses, hairdresser’s shops, grocer’s ... in the 1920s and 1930s, though, were a few diamond-cutting shops on the pattern of the diamond-cutting village of Brücken, which also enjoyed a brief second boom ... The shops and crafts that were once customary in all villages have largely disappeared ...
Tyersal - Shops
... On Tyersal Road there are six shops, including a Newsagents, Pharmacy, Sandwich shop and a Takeaway ...
1990 Komotini Events - Events
... Greek mobs damaged and looted around 400 shops of the Turkish minority as well as beating some of the minority members including the acting mufti ... Foreign observers stated Greek shops were not touched, indeed many of these shops displayed Greek flags in the windows, suggesting the riots were carefully orchesatrated, and that police ...
Covered Market, Oxford - Today
... are food retailers, including traditional market shops selling fresh food such as greengrocers and butchers (including some who produce the distinctive ... There are also newer gift shops, bakeries and sandwich shops ... Most of the shops now are quite a bit larger than the original stall sizes, and so the number of businesses in the covered market is smaller than in the past ...

Famous quotes containing the word shops:

    Some men love only to talk where they are masters. They like to go to school-girls, or to boys, or into the shops where the sauntering people gladly lend an ear.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Now in contiguous drops the flood comes down,
    Threat’ning with deluge this devoted town.
    To shops in crowds the daggled females fly,
    Pretend to cheapen goods, but nothing buy.
    Jonathan Swift (1667–1745)

    In an age robbed of religious symbols, going to the shops replaces going to the church.... We have a free choice, but at a price. We can win experience, but never achieve innocence. Marx knew that the epic activities of the modern world involve not lance and sword but dry goods.
    Stephen Bayley (b. 1951)