Shoot Boxing

Shoot boxing (シュートボクシング) is both a combat sport and a stand-up fighting promotion company based in Tokyo, Japan. The organization was founded by former kickboxer Caesar Takeshi in 1985.

Shootboxing allows kicks, punches, knees, throws, and standing submissions (chokeholds, armlocks and wristlocks).

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Hiroki Shishido - Titles
... Amateur All Japan Amateur Shoot boxing championship winner Professional The 1st Shoot boxing Japanese Super lightweight (Seagullweight) champion (September 25 ...
Lee Hasdell - Partial Kickboxing Record
... of Full Contact, Muay Thai, Freestyle (Low Kicks), Shoot Boxing and K-1 ... Notes Loss 44-16-1 Cyrille Diabate TKO (Doctor Stoppage) Shoot Boxing S Volume 1 ... February 0218 ... Tokyo, Japan Win 44-15-1 Simon Dore KO (Knee) K-1 UK Battle of Britain 16 ... April 3. 0030 ... Win 42-15-1 Paulo Di Clemente KO (Knee) World Oktagon Shoot Boxing Challenge 20 April 0102 ... Milan, Italy Semi-Finals of the World Oktagon Shootboxing Tournament ...
Shoot Boxing - Fouls
... A fighter will be disqualified in the case of any of the following situations 1When there is intentional foul play, and the referee declares a disqualification for the action. 2When the fighter does not obey the referee ...
Lee Hasdell - Kickboxing Career (1989-2002) - Shoot Boxing: S Volume 1 (2002)
... Lee Hasdell competed in a Shoot Boxing fight on 2 February 2002, held in Tokyo, Japan ... The fight was against French fighter Cyrille Diabate at Shoot Boxing S Volume 1 ...
Welterweight - Shoot Boxing
... The official rules of shoot boxing define welterweights as between 65 and 67 kg (143.3 to 147.7 lb) ...

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