Shion Uzuki

Shion Uzuki (シオン・ウヅキ, Shion Uzuki?) is the protagonist of the Xenosaga trilogy for the PlayStation 2. In addition, she was in the mobile game Pied Piper, Xenosaga I & II, Xenosaga Freaks, as well as the anime Xenosaga the Animation.

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List Of Antagonists In Xenosaga - Pellegri
... Pellegri later reappears on the Ormus Stronghold where she confronts Shion, Jr ... the party in Labyrinthos when he and his friends try to rescue Shion from U-TIC custody ... appears to have once been a student of Jin Uzuki's grandfather, the martial arts expert who taught Margulis, Shion Uzuki, and Jin Uzuki himself how to fight and manipulate the elements like fire, ice, and lightning ...
Shion Uzuki - Critical Reception
... Shion as seen in Xenosaga Episode I has been called "cute" and "likable" by critics ... designs seen in Episode II, noting that Shion's design became "more flattering", having "been injected with ye old "Babe Serum."" RPGamer also praised the design change, though they felt that Shion's lack ... first volume of Xenosaga The Animation, GameSpot compared Shion and KOS-MOS to "the ultimate fanboy fan-service pair", feeling that Shion was an example of a "cute, yet smart glasses girl" ...
List Of Characters In The Xenosaga Series - Playable Characters - Allen Ridgeley
... Systems Development, Allen is an assistant to Shion Uzuki and comic relief throughout the series ... under then Chief Engineer Kevin Winnicot and Junior Chief Engineer Shion Uzuki ... Although two years Shion's senior in age, in Vector he's one year her junior ...