Shiho Munakata

Shiho Munakata (宗像 詩帆, Munakata Shiho?) is a fictional character in the anime and manga series My-HiME, and also appears in the alternate universe sequel My-Otome, where she is known as Shiho Huit. She is voiced by Sakura Nogawa in both series and by Leda Davies in the English dub.

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Shiho Munakata - My-Otome - My-Otome Manga
... In the manga Shiho's role is reduced, and there are actually two of her ... The first is Shiho Huit, who is still a Pearl ... Shiho is without the "maki maki" device, but appears to be very fond of drills ...
List Of My-Hi ME Anime Characters - Fuka Academy Students - Middle School
... Shiho Munakata (宗像 詩帆, Munakata Shiho?) Voiced by Sakura Nogawa (Japanese), Leda Davies (English) Shiho is the childhood friend of Yuichi Tate and refers to him as her brother ... Takumi and Shiho Munakata are separated from Yuuichi Tate and Mai, until she arrives unexpectedly on the school grounds the next morning ... Mai great trauma upon her brother's death, although it is later revealed that Shiho Munakata was the one to defeat Akira and kill Takumi in order to hurt Mai ) ...
Shiho Munakata - Name Origins
... Shiho's My-Otome surname, "Huit" is French for the number 8 ... The name of Shiho's child from the My-HiME anime, Yatagarasu, references a symbol of the Shinto sun goddess, Amaterasu ... Sanada Yukino Kikukawa Alyssa Searrs Shiho Munakata Fumi Himeno Shizuru Fujino Pearl Otome Akane Soir Chie Hallard Shiho Huit Juliet Nao Zhang Coral Otome ...