Shaver means a person who shaves, or an object which shaves, a razor. It can also refer to:

  • a boy, as a slang term for shaveling
  • Shaver, California, former town in California
  • Shaver Creek, tributary of the Juniata River in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania
  • Shaver Lake, in Fresno County, California
  • Jeff Shaver, American baseball player
  • Mike Shaver, member of the Mozilla project
  • Richard Sharpe Shaver, American writer and artist
  • Stephanie Shaver, writer, artist and computer game designer
  • A band featuring Billy Joe Shaver and Eddy Shaver
  • A breed of chicken (Red Shaver) that is multipurpose, good for laying eggs and for meat production

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T. J. Potter - Return To Columbia River
... placed on the Portland-Astoria run, where she competed with steamboats owned by the Shaver Transportation Company ... Company, struck an anti-competitive deal with Shaver Transportation, whereby the Shaver boats, including the Sarah Dixon, would stay off the Portland-Astoria ...
Shaver Transportation Company - Reflection of Influence in Portland Street Names
... after one of the first partners in the Shaver Transportation Company ... Shaver itself is another example, it is named for George Washington Shaver ... Both Shaver and Hassalo streets are located near the east side neighborhood of Portland known as Irvington, which in turn was named after steamboat ...
Shaver Transportation Company - Early Steamboat Operations
... Shaver) and G.W ... Shaver, named after George Washington Shaver, the father of James W ... Shaver ...
Mike Shaver
... Mike Shaver (born February 17, 1977 in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada) is currently an Engineering Director at Facebook ... Shaver attended high school at Lisgar Collegiate Institute in Ottawa, where he began working with Ingenia Communications Corporation, an Ottawa-area computer ... Shaver eventually left to work at Netscape Communications and later zerøknowledge, Cluster File Systems, and the Oracle Corporation ...
Shaver Lake Railroad - History
... The Shaver Lake Railroad traces its beginnings to October 31, 1891, when the Fresno Flume and Irrigation Company was incorporated to build 12 miles of track from the lumber mill at Shaver to the forest ... and named the railroad the Shaver Lake Railroad ... with the San Joaquin and Eastern Railroad at Dawn to Shaver ...