Sharkskin - Super-sharkskin


The addition of the other otherwise rare and august "noble natural fibers" mentioned above (vicuna, guanaco, alpaca, silk), married to re-engineered synthesized or synthetic fiber blends have resulted in new "Super-Sharkskin" products, which many fabric experts argue rate as superior products to any of yester-year, and are much more accessible to a broader budget base; however, the "Super-Sharkskins" still costs more, than synthetic low end substitutes.

A current "Super-Sharkskin" trend is the highly "metallic" look, only attainable by today's blends. Ever coveted in vintage and popular in current suitings are teals, bright/dark turquoises, bright/dark greens, bright/dark reds, blacks and grays sweep the markets.

The first "Super-Sharkskin" men's and women's suits appeared in the mid-to-late 1990s in high-end Italian designs, often commanding over $2,500 per suit "off-the-rack"; Hong Kong tailors' custom offerings were soon to follow. Many natural fiber purists are hard-pressed to reject the new hybrid Super-Sharkskin fabric variants, many of which incorporate high percentages of natural fibers: the best that engineering has ever offered on record. Goat-silk is an experimental new fiber currently being tested for the advent of emergent "Mega-Sharkskin" for military use, and rumored to debut for commercial/civilian use in 2012.

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