Severus is the name of various historical and fictional figures, including:

Emperors in the Severan dynasty
  • Septimius Severus (145–211), Roman Emperor from 193 to 211
  • Alexander Severus (208–235), Roman Emperor from 222 to 235
  • Flavius Valerius Severus (died 307), Roman Emperor from 306 to 307
Other individuals
  • Saint Severus, several Christian saints
  • Sextus Julius Severus, 2nd century Roman general
  • Severus (Encratite), founder of the gnostic sect Severian Encratites
  • Severus of Antioch (c. 465 – c. 538), Non-Chalcedonian and Patriarch of Antioch
  • Libius Severus (420–465), Roman Emperor from 461 to 465
  • Severus Iatrosophista, Byzantine author of De Clysteribus
  • Severus Ibn al-Muqaffaʿ (died 987), Coptic bishop and historian
Fictional characters
  • Severus Snape, character in the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling

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Cassius Severus - Life
... Cassius Severus was said to have risen from a simple background ... role in the social and political life of Rome, rhetoric thus was a vital aspect when Severus was living ... Cassius Severus was one of those who deviated from the ancient manner decisively and brought in the new style ...
Severus Of Naples
... Saint Severus (Italian San Severo di Napoli) (died 409) was a bishop of Naples during the 4th and 5th centuries ... bishop by the Catholic Church between the episcopates of Maximus and Severus was the episcopate of Zosimus, who was Arian and thus considered heretical by the Catholic Church ... Severus was a friend of Saint Ambrose, whom he met at council at Capua in 392 ...
Cassius Severus
... Titus Cassius Severus (died in 32) was an ancient Roman rhetor from the gens Cassia ... Cassius Severus, a fearless fighter of freedom of speech,was sharply eloquent against the new governmental order, which finally saw him exiled and his works banned after his death ...
Calidius - Members of The Gens
... Publius Calidius Severus, father of Titus Calidius, the soldier ... Severus, an optio of the fifteenth legion, perhaps during the latter half of the 1st century AD Quintus Calidius P ... Severus, brother of Titus Calidius, the soldier, in whose memory he erected a monument at Carnuntum ...