Serif Products - Serif WebPlus

Serif WebPlus

Developer(s) Serif
Stable release X6
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Web Design Software
License Proprietary

WebPlus is a web design program for Microsoft Windows, developed by UK-based software company Serif. It allows users to design, create and upload their website onto the internet without any knowledge of HTML or other web technologies.

Much like Microsoft Word, WebPlus uses WYSIWYG drag and drop editing to add and position text, images and links as they would appear on the finished web page. Once a user has designed their site, WebPlus can preview the site in a web browser before uploading the site using the in-built FTP.

The software comes with a variety of pre-designed websites which can be used as a template for quickly designing a site. It also provides drawing tools for creating and editing buttons and web graphics.

WebPlus is available both as a paid-for version, WebPlus X6, or as a cut-down Starter Edition which is completely free.

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