Serbs in Vojvodina

Serbs In Vojvodina

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The Serbs are the largest ethnic group in the Vojvodina province of Serbia. For centuries, they lived under foreign rule, but despite many attempts that aimed to assimilate them, Vojvodinian Serbs preserved their national consciousness, language, religion, culture as well as the rich folklore, national costumes and music. According to the 2002 census, there were 1,321,807 Serbs in Vojvodina or 65.05% of the population of the province. There is a small part of the historical territory of Vojvodinian Serbs that lies outside the autonomous province of Vojvodina, including Belgrade's municipalities of Zemun, Novi Beograd and Surčin, the tiny geographical area of Pančevački Rit of Belgrade's Palilula municipality, and the village of Ostrovo, which is located in the urban municipality of Kostolac of Požarevac city.

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