Separate Baptists in Christ

The Separate Baptists in Christ are a denomination of Separate Baptists found mostly in United States.

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Separate Baptists In Christ - Sources
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    Rejoice ye pure in heart,
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    In order to become spoiled ... a child has to be able to want things as well as need them. He has to be able to see himself as a being who is separate from everyone else.... A baby is none of these things. He feels a need and he expresses it. He is not intellectually capable of working out involved plans and ideas like “Can I make her give me...?” “If I make enough fuss he will...?” “They let me do ... yesterday and I want to do it again today so I’ll....”
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    [T]he Congregational minister in a neighboring town definitely stated that ‘the same spirit which drove the herd of swine into the sea drove the Baptists into the water, and that they were hurried along by the devil until the rite was performed.’
    —For the State of Vermont, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)