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Cervical Spinal Nerve 8 - Innervation - Sensory
... The C8 nerve receives sensory afferents from the C8 dermatome ... This consists of all the skin on the little finger, and continuing up slightly past the wrist on the palmar and dorsal aspects of the hand and forearm ...
... The somatosensory system is a diverse sensory system comprising the receptors and processing centres to produce the sensory modalities such as touch, temperature, proprioception (body position), and ... The sensory receptors cover the skin and epithelia, skeletal muscles, bones and joints, internal organs, and the cardiovascular system ... Transmission of information from the receptors passes via sensory nerves through tracts in the spinal cord and into the brain ...
Sensory - Other
... Sensory garden Sensory analysis, a method of consumer product testing. ...
Aesthetically - Aesthetic Judgment
... rely on our ability to discriminate at a sensory level ... Aesthetic judgments usually go beyond sensory discrimination ... Indianapolis, Literary Classics 5, 1987.) Thus, the sensory discrimination is linked to capacity for pleasure ...
Sensory Sweep Studios
... Sensory Sweep Studios was an American developer of computer and video games ... Founded in 2003 by Dave Rushton, Sensory Sweep was initially a handheld studio, developing games for the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, and PSP ... Later, Sensory Sweep added console titles to their résumé, releasing games for the PC, Wii, PlayStation 2, and Xbox 360 ...

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    In the new science of the twenty-first century, not physical force but spiritual force will lead the way. Mental and spiritual gifts will be more in demand than gifts of a physical nature. Extrasensory perception will take precedence over sensory perception. And in this sphere woman will again predominate.
    Elizabeth Gould Davis (b. 1910)

    Ours is a culture based on excess, on overproduction; the result is a steady loss of sharpness in our sensory experience. All the conditions of modern life—its material plenitude, its sheer crowdedness—conjoin to dull our sensory faculties.
    Susan Sontag (b. 1933)

    Our talk of external things, our very notion of things, is just a conceptual apparatus that helps us to foresee and control the triggerings of our sensory receptors in the light of previous triggering of our sensory receptors.
    Willard Van Orman Quine (b. 1908)