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Hoshin Engi - Plot - Manga Plot
... mission by Genshi-tenson (元始天尊) (Taikobou's mentor and the leader of the Sennin (仙人) World - Konron (崑崙)) to complete the Houshin Project ... as explained by Genshitenson, is to trap Dakki and her minions in a 'middle' world between the Sennin World and the Human world, renamed 'Shin' (神?) (Deity or Gods) World, named 'Shinkai', Realm of ... the two groups eventually lead to the involvement of almost all members of the 2 Sennin Worlds - Konron (where Taikoubou originates) and Kingou-tou (金鰲島?) (wh ...
Hoshin Engi - Characters - Konron (Kun Lun)
... the leader of Konronsan, Genshitenson, so his position in the Senkai (spirit world) is high ... he has a strong belief in a peaceful human world ... they were irreconcilable and ended up fighting during the Sennin war, during which Hiko was hoshin-ed ...

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