Second Battle of Newbury

The Second Battle of Newbury was a battle of the English Civil War fought on 27 October, 1644, in Speen, adjoining Newbury in Berkshire. The battle was fought close to the site of the First Battle of Newbury, which took place in late September the previous year.

The combined armies of Parliament inflicted a tactical defeat on the Royalists, but failed to gain any strategic advantage.

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... The Second battle of Newbury, fought on 27 October 1644, is remarkable as being the first great manoeuvre-battle (as distinct from "pitched" battle) of the Civil War ... In rear of the centre, in open ground just north of Newbury, lay the bulk of the royal cavalry ... were, meanwhile, driving Maurice back from hedge to hedge towards the open ground at Newbury ...
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... When the King offered battle on 9 November, Manchester made his famous remark that "The King need not care how oft he fights.. ... over the failure to trap Charles after the battle and the subsequent half-hearted operations, eventually resulted in the passing of the Self-denying Ordinance ... Newbury was one of the few battles of the English Civil War in which an army attempted a wide outflanking move ...
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