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In the movie, The Second Battle of Beruna was fought between the Telmarines and the Narnians. The Telmarines number several thousand infantry, approximately five hundred cavalry, and many trebuchets while the Narnians number a few hundred archers and a small army of dwarfs, fauns, satyrs, and talking beasts in front of the How, as well as a giant and a small force of minotaurs, centaurs, and talking beasts inside it. Queen Susan had returned, and assumed command of the archers after being rescued from Telmarines by Caspian.

When Peter defeated Miraz and Caspian spared his life, Sopespian helped Miraz to his feet as Miraz tells Sopespian that he will deal with him when it is over. Sopespian quotes "It is over" and secretly stabs Miraz with one of Susan's arrows. Sopespian then declares treachery stating that the archers murdered Miraz and rode off with Glozelle to have the Telmarine soldiers prepare for battle. Gergiore then charges toward Peter.

After Peter took out Gergiore, the Telmarines sent out their cavalry against the Old Narnians and activated their Trebuchets. The Narnians, who were expecting the Telmarines to dishonour the terms of the duel, are immediately ready for battle. After ten seconds however, Narnians who had been charging through recently dug caverns beneath the battle field destroyed the pillars which supported the ground the Telmarine cavalry was charging across, causing the cavalry to fall into a giant sink-hole. While Peter and Edmund led the above-ground army at the fallen cavalry, Caspian and his forces climb from the cistern via two ramps and encircle the Telmarine Cavalry, shortly after a volley of arrows from Susan and her archers. Sopespian and his army begin to advance in response, Caspian signals out many gryphons with dwarf archers in their claws to fly towards the Telmarine army, so that the dwarves can shoot the soldiers that are operating the Trebuchets. However, Sopespian had a backup plan for the soldiers on the ground to use crossbows equipped with arrows which shoots down over half of the gryphons, and the surviving ones fall back. At the sight of this, Peter, Caspian, and the vastly-outnumbered Narnians are forced to retreat towards the How. However, the subsequent trebuchet attack scatters the Narnian archers and collapses the entrance to the How, trapping the Narnians aboveground. The Narnians are now trapped, outnumbered, and encircled by the Telmarines, thus leaving them with no hope, and so they charge the Telmarines in a last, desperate attempt.

However, Lucy finds Aslan who saves her from a Telmarine. Aslan reawakens the trees which rally to the Narnians and defeat the Telmarines, incapacitating Glozelle in the process.

The Telmarines attempt to reach the Bridge of Beruna, but arrive to find Aslan awakening the River God who destroys the Bridge and engulfs Sopespian. Leaderless and trapped, the Telmarines surrender to the Narnians.

The creatures that fought for Aslan are Bears, Wolves, Foxes, Dogs, Jackals, Leopards, Panthers, Boars, Stags, Tigers, Fauns, Minotaurs, Centaurs, a Giant, Gryphons, Satyrs, Dwarves, Cheetahs, Mice, Badgers, Squirrels, Rabbits, and the trees that Aslan had awakened.

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