Screened Poisson Equation

In Physics, the screened Poisson equation is a partial differential equation, which arises in (for example) Yukawa's theory of mesons and electric field screening in plasmas.

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Screened Poisson Equation - Solutions - Two Dimensions
... In two dimensions In the case of a magnetized plasma, the screened Poisson equation is quasi-2D with and, with the magnetic field and is the (ion) Larmor radius ... The two-dimensional Fourier Transform of the associated Green's function is The 2D screened Poisson equation yields ...
Fundamental Solutions For Some Partial Differential Equations - Screened Poisson Equation
... For the Screened Poisson equation, where the parameter k is real and the fundamental solution a modified Bessel function, the two and three dimensional Helmholtz equations ...

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