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Donnchadh, Earl Of Carrick - Exile and Return
... In 1160, Máel Coluim mac Eanric (Malcolm IV), king of the Scots, forced Fergus into retirement, and brought Galloway under his overlordship ... and Uhtred shared the lordship of the Gall-Gaidhil under the Scottish king's authority, with Gille-Brighde in the west and Uhtred in the east ... When in 1174 the Scottish king William the Lion was captured during an invasion of England, the brothers responded by rebelling against the Scottish monarch ...

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    The King said to his son: “Enough of this!
    The Kingdom’s yours to finish as you please.
    I’m getting out tonight. Here, take the crown.”
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    Better wear out shoes than sheets.
    —18th-century Scottish proverb, collected in J. Kelly, Complete Collection of Scottish Proverbs (1721)