Scots may refer to:

  • The Scottish people, the inhabitants of Scotland
  • Scots, the language spoken in Lowlands of Scotland (also known as "Lowland Scots" to distinguish it from Scottish Gaelic)
  • Scotch-Irish
  • Scottish English
  • Scots pine, a Scottish tree
  • Short for Pound Scots
  • For the Scots, an ethnic group of the late Iron age, the historical people of Dalriada, a Gaelic-speaking kingdom in northeastern Ireland and western Scotland, see Gaels and Scoti
  • Scots' Church, Melbourne
  • The Scots College (TSC or Scots), a private school in Sydney, Australia
  • Scot's Lo-Cost, a warehouse type Grocery store owned by Weis markets

SCOTS may refer to:

  • The abbreviated term for the Battalions of the Royal Regiment of Scotland
  • Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech, a linguistic resource
  • Southern Culture on the Skids, an American music group

Other articles related to "scots":

John Leister - Coaching Career
... In 1997 he became the head baseball coach for the Scots, and led the Scots to the 1999 MIAA title, their first league title since 1987 ... He served as the offensive coordinator for the Scots football team for many years before retiring from the position before the 2012 season ... He led the offense to many record-breaking seasons after arriving at Alma, helping the Scots to three MIAA football championships (1999, 2002, 2004) ...
Scottish Corpus Of Texts And Speech
... The Scottish Corpus of Texts Speech (SCOTS) is an ongoing project to build a corpus of modern-day (post-1940) written and spoken texts in Scottish English and varieties of Scots ... SCOTS has been available online since November 2004, and can be freely searched and browsed ... By the end of the project, in mid-2007, SCOTS aims to increase the size of the text collection to 4 million words ...
Apologetic Apostrophe - Consonant Clusters
... The cluster had been reduced to /m/ in Early Scots hence spelling such as num’er (number), cham’er (chamber) and tim’er (timber), the standard literary apostrophe-less spellings being ... The cluster is reduced to /n/ in some Scots dialects hence spellings such as caun’le (candle), haun’ (hand) and staun’ (stand) though the is ... The cluster is also reduced to /l/ in some Scots dialects, hence spellings such as aul’ (old), caul’ (cold) and faul’ (fold) though the is generally written in the literary ...
Report And Recommendations Of The Scots Spelling Committee
... The Report and Recommendations of the Scots Spelling Committee or RRSSC is a document put forward by the Scots Spelling Committee to try to establish a more standard spelling system for ...

Famous quotes containing the word scots:

    Haf owre, haf owre to Aberdour,
    It’s fiftie fadom deip,
    And thair lies guid Sir Patrick Spence,
    Wi the Scots lords at his feit.
    Unknown. Sir Patrick Spens (l. 41–44)