Schultz, a German surname derived from Schultheiß, may refer to People:

  • Albert Schultz (born 1963), Canadian actor
  • Alby Schultz (born 1939), Australian politician
  • Ana María Schultz (born 1935), Argentine freestyle swimmer
  • Andrew Schultz (born 1960), Australian classical composer
  • Barney Schultz (born 1926), professional baseball player
  • Brenda Schultz-McCarthy (born 1970), Dutch former female tennis player
  • Bud Schultz (born 1959), former US professional tennis player
  • Connie Schultz (born 1957), US journalist
  • Dave Schultz (ice hockey) (born 1949), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Dave Schultz (amateur wrestler) (1959–1996), US wrestler
  • David Schultz (professional wrestler), US professional wrestler
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz (born 1966), US politician
  • Don Schultz (born 1936), chess administrator
  • Don E. Schultz (born 1934), marketing expert
  • Dutch Schultz (1902–1935), US gangster
  • Dwight Schultz (born 1947), US actor
  • Daniel Schultz (1615–1683), painter
  • Ed Schultz (born 1954), US broadcaster
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Schultz (born 1804), German pharmacist and botanist
  • George P. Shultz (born 1920), former US Secretary of State
  • Heinrich Schultz (born 1924), Estonian cultural functionary
  • Henry Schultz (1893–1938), US economist
  • Hermann Schultz (1836–1903), German theologian
  • Howard Schultz (born 1953), US businessman
  • Ivan Schultz (1891–1974), Canadian politician
  • James Willard Schultz, (1859–1947) Apukuni, American author, hunter, trader, guide
  • Johannes Schultz, (1582–1653), composer
  • Johann Heinrich Schulze (1687–1744), German academic, inventor of a primitive photogram
  • Johannes Heinrich Schultz (1884–1970), German psychiatrist
  • John Schultz (born 1938), Australian AFL player
  • John Christian Schultz (1840–1896), Canadian politician
  • Keith and Kevin Schultz (born 1953), identical twin child actors, singers, photographers
  • Mark Schultz (amateur wrestler) (born 1960), US wrestler
  • Mikhail Schultz (1919–2006), Soviet/Russian physical chemist, artist (correct transcription; see also Shultz)
  • Monika Schultz (born 1967), US engineer and aquanaut
  • Nick Schultz (born 1982), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Peter C. Schultz (born 1942), US inventor of fiber optics
  • Peter G. Schultz (born 1956), US chemist
  • Peter H. Schultz (born 1944), US planetary geologist
  • Philip Schultz (born 1945), US Pulitzer Prize winning poet
  • Ron Schultz (born 1938), Florida, USA politician
  • Theodore Schultz (1902–1998), US economist
  • William Schultz (born 1960), US animation producer
  • William Charles Schultz (1926–2006), CEO of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
  • William N. Schultz (born 1967), retired American football offensive lineman

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