Scarlet Spiders

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Avengers: The Initiative - Shadow Initiative
... This team consists of Bengal, Trauma, Constrictor, Mutant Zero, and for a time, the Scarlet Spiders ... Stark cannot recall what became of his designs for the Iron Spider armor ... It is later revealed that the Scarlet Spiders are clones of Michael Van Patrick (MVP), a deceased initiative recruit accidentally killed ...
Michael Van Patrick - Fictional Character Biography - Scarlet Spiders
... via input from Taskmaster with not only MVP's skills and abilities but also those of Spider-Man, Peter Parker ... sometimes referred to as "Pat"), were each suited up in redesigned Iron Spider Stark armor which Spider-Man had worn during the early stages of the superhero Civil ... Though War Machine identifies them by their official name Scarlet Spiders when contacting them, they still identify themselves as Red Team One (Michael), Red Team ...

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    A pretty little collection of weaknesses and a terror of spiders are our indispensable stock-in-trade with the men.
    Colette [Sidonie Gabrielle Colette] (1873–1954)

    Let us have a good many maples and hickories and scarlet oaks, then, I say. Blaze away! Shall that dirty roll of bunting in the gun-house be all the colors a village can display? A village is not complete, unless it have these trees to mark the season in it. They are important, like the town clock. A village that has them not will not be found to work well. It has a screw loose, an essential part is wanting.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)