Scarab may refer to:

  • Scarabaeus sacer, the scarab beetle worshiped by Ancient Egyptians
  • A scarab (artifact) was an object symbolizing the holy beetle in Ancient Egypt
  • Other members of Scarabaeidae, the scarab beetle family
  • Stout Scarab, limited production automobile
  • Scammell Scarab - A small, 3-wheeled articulated lorry tractor unit produced 1948-1967
  • Scarab (lunar rover)
  • Scarab (constructor), a Formula One race car constructor which was formed by Lance Reventlow
  • A sailing dinghy in Arthur Ransome's children's novel The Picts and the Martyrs
  • Scarab SS-21, the NATO reporting name for the Russian OTR-21 Tochka short-ranged tactical ballistic missile,
  • Scarab (comics), the name of a number of different comic book characters
  • A member of the Scarabbean Senior Society at the University of Tennessee
  • Scarabaeus (video game)

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... The scarab, Egyptian language (kh)pr is used in many pharaonic names, for example Thutmosis III as Mn-Kheper-Re ...
Scammell Scarab
... The Scammell Scarab is a British 3-wheeled tractor unit produced by the truck manufacturer Scammell between 1948 and 1967 ... that resembled the elytra (wing covers) of a Scarab beetle, but the name really comes from a more conventional source, Scammell's idea of the combination of an Arab horse (which the Mechanical Horse ... Sca-rab = Scarab ...
List Of Batman: The Brave And The Bold Characters - Villains - The Reach
... cybernetic insetoids, from the Blue Beetle scarab originates ... The scarabs attach themselves to humanoid hosts and grant them amazing powers, until their true programming kicks in and they become the point men for a Reach invasion ... attack on Oa, Jaime was able to resist the Reach's influence on him and the scarab armor ...
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... Scarab was freed from prison, thirsty for revenge against the Sanctuary and Thurid Guild, who framed him, having served his full sentence ... Once freed Scarab is joined first by his son, Billy-Ray Sanguine, and later by the other members of the Revenger's Club, who join him on his quest for revenge ... Now aged after two centuries in a bound prison, unable to touch his magic, Scarab is an old man who is willing to commit suicide in his attempts to disgrace Thurid Guild ...