Scale Factors

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Conical Coordinates - Scale Factors
... The scale factor for the radius is one, as in spherical coordinates ... The scale factors for the two conical coordinates are ...
Oblate Spheroidal Coordinates - Definition (σ, τ, φ) - Scale Factors
... The scale factors for the alternative oblate spheroidal coordinates are whereas the azimuthal scale factor is ... be expressed in the coordinates by substituting the scale factors into the general formulae found in orthogonal coordinates ...
Modeler - Models - Notable Concepts and Abbreviations
... Such a scaling changes the diameter of an object by a factor between the scale factors, the area by a factor between the smallest and the largest product of two scale factors, and ... The scaling is uniform if and only if the scaling factors are equal (vx = vy = vz) ... If all except one of the scale factors are equal to 1, we have directional scaling ...
Toroidal Coordinates - Definition - Scale Factors
... The scale factors for the toroidal coordinates and are equal whereas the azimuthal scale factor equals Thus, the infinitesimal volume element equals and ...

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    Girls tend to attribute their failures to factors such as lack of ability, while boys tend to attribute failure to specific factors, including teachers’ attitudes. Moreover, girls avoid situations in which failure is likely, whereas boys approach such situations as a challenge, indicating that failure differentially affects self-esteem.
    Michael Lewis (late–20th-century)

    With a defeated joy,
    With an auspicious, and a dropping eye,
    With mirth in funeral, and with dirge in marriage,
    In equal scale weighing delight and dole.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)