S.A.T. Project 3D Transportation System - Autonomous Transportation System

Autonomous Transportation System

Invented by Architect Jorge Serrano, General Director of Serrano Pecorari & Asociados, S.A.T. Project is the first Mass Public - Private 3D Transportation System for people and freight in the world. It defines a new transportation category, as it works under all 3 directions of movement: horizontal, on any gradient and vertical (with no height limitations). It comprises unitary electric vehicles that move along two tracks requiring minimum support, and made of materials that absorb vibrations providing a cohesion-effect in every track section. The cabin maintains its horizontal leveled position regardless of changes in track direction or even height-levels. A Central Control Unit manages the system without any human labour involved. It is powered by an electric engine, which is also used to reduce speed and regenerate energy, without causing noise or environmental pollution.

S.A.T. is defined as an “autonomous transportation system” given each vehicle works independently. S.A.T. is self propelled, ensuring the arrival of all convoys, even if a vehicle loses traction or even under power failure. Its security system ensures in its vertical displacement, the return to an immediate inferior stop, applying the highest standards of safety. S.A.T. is prepared to respond to any particular transportation requirement, being accessible to all: passengers with physical disabilities, elders and children. S.A.T. will allow commuting not under a same axial-plane, but under different direction axis inscribed in various geometrical planes. S.A.T. will instate the concept of traveling through space, in a continuous uninterrupted change of levels, generating a 3D-transportation network, which will define a new concept of logistic, transportation and mobility.

Freight transportation generally is carried out when cities are “asleep”, restricting logistics, because a same and unique transportation surface must be shared (ground zero level) by public, private and freight transportation. A 3D freight-transportation system will allow a continuous 24/7 feeding-net with no interruptions, based on a complex matrix of physical connections, linking natural resources, product manufacturers, storage areas and department stores, non dependent on a collapsed ground level.

The concept of ‘internet - intranet’ draws a valid image from where to illustrate both its dynamic structure and its organic conformation, given S.A.T. is the only transportation system that will work using the ‘time-dimension’ (optimization of time). The future implementation of S.A.T. will define a catalytic tool to promote the ‘plugging in and out’ of the urban commuting network, to define efficient connectivity patterns according to the needs and demands generated in the city.

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