Sandy may refer to:

  • Characteristic of sand
  • Sandy (name), including a list of people with the name
  • Hurricane Sandy, a tropical cyclone of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season
  • Sandy brown, a shade of brown

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List Of Saved By The Bell Characters - Bayside Students - Sandy
... Sandy was a female member of the yearbook committee ... Sandy was later seen, hanging out with some archetypal greasers in the hallway ...
My American Cousin
... Written and directed by Sandy Wilson based on her own childhood, the film stars Margaret Langrick as Sandy Wilcox, a pre-teen girl growing up on a ranch in rural ... Sandy's longing to be treated as an adult is roused even further when her older American cousin Butch Walker (John Wildman) comes for a visit ... Screen! documentary about the film featured interviews with director Sandy Wilson and leading actress Margaret Langrick ...
Andy Travis
... He was played by Gary Sandy ... theme song, and one critic went so far as to describe Sandy as "Gary Tyler Moore." However, as the first season went on, it became apparent that Sandy did not resonate enough with the audience ... Despite this change, Sandy retained top billing for all four seasons ...
Married To The Kellys - Characters - Bill & Sandy
... Bill and Sandy Kelly are the average all-American parents ... Bill works a normal job and Sandy stays home and takes care of the home ...
Sandy, Bedfordshire - Commemoration
... Frederick Thomas Bidlake is commemorated by a garden and monument, at Girtford Bridge ... It was unveiled on 23 September 1934 as more than 4,000 watched W ...

Famous quotes containing the word sandy:

    Let a man get up and say, “Behold, this is the truth,” and instantly I perceive a sandy cat filching a piece of fish in the background. Look, you have forgotten the cat, I say.
    Virginia Woolf (1882–1941)

    So near along life’s stream are the fountains of innocence and youth making fertile its sandy margin; and the voyageur will do well to replenish his vessels often at these uncontaminated sources.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Here is no water but only rock
    Rock and no water and the sandy road
    The road winding above among the mountains
    Which are mountains of rock without water
    If there were water we should stop and drink
    Amongst the rock one cannot stop or think
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)