San Luis National Wildlife Refuge Complex

The San Luis National Wildlife Refuge Complex is managed by the U.S Fish & Wildlife Service and is composed of the San Luis National Wildlife Refuge, Merced National Wildlife Refuge, San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge and the Grasslands Wildlife Management Area which consists of nearly 45,000 acres (180 km2) of wetlands, grasslands and riparian habitats, as well as over 90,000 acres (360 km2) of conservation easements on private lands for the protection and benefit of wildlife. The refuge units are located in the northern San Joaquin Valley of California in Merced and Stanislaus Counties. The Complex is Headquarter out of Los Banos, California and uses the Sierra National Forest Emergency Communication Center located in Fresno, California for Emergency dispatch.

The Complex is located within the Pacific Flyway, a major route for migrating birds, including waterfowl. The extensive wetlands of the Complex and surrounding lands provide habitat for up to a million waterfowl that arrive here each winter. Of the 30 species of waterfowl using the Complex, the most common include Ross's Geese, Aleutian Cackling Geese, Snow Geese, Green-winged Teal, Mallards, Northern Pintails, Gadwalls, American Wigeons, Northern Shovelers, and Greater White-fronted Geese.

The Complex is an integral part of a mosaic of federal, state, and private lands in Merced County that together constitute the largest contiguous freshwater wetlands remaining in California. This area has been recognized as a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance, an Audubon Important Bird Area, and as a Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network site.

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