Samma Dynasty

The Samma Dynasty (Sindhi: سمن جو راڄ, Urdu: سلسله سماں‎) ruled in Sindh and parts of Punjab and Balochistan from 1335–1520 AD, with their capital at Thatta in modern Pakistan before being replaced by the Arghun Dynasty. Samma Dynasties was not only limited within the region of Sindh but in large area of Kutch and Gujarat Samma's were ruled(In Saurashtra earlier known as Halar and Kathiyavad) and many of Sammas are living here today's and fulfill the Hinduism till era of lots of years.They claimed descent from Lord Krishna, their ancestor being Jam Unar who was 95th in descent from Lord Krishna. Samma clan is found in Hindu present and earlier they were Hindus only, they later converted to Islam.The Samma dynasty has left its mark in Sindh with magnificent structures including the necropolis of kings and royalties in Thatta.

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Samma Dynasty - Later History
... After the demise of the Samma dynasty the Nawab migrated along with his brothers and tribal members leaving their once thriving land of Nagar-Samma to parts of India and settled in Gujrat ... The village in Gujrat Known also Nagar-Samma consists of many thousand of acres of cultivatable and non cultivatable land an accurate size is not known ...
Samma Tribe - Origin
... There are various theories about the origins of Samma tribe ... The hard believe is that Samma are descent of Lord Shree Krishna some believe they were descendants of Sam (derived from name of Lord Krishna "SHYAM" ) (Shem ... they were the descendants of Sam, the son of Umar, son of Hashim, Some argue that as the Samma rulers used the title of Jam, then Sammas are the descendants of Jamshid, the ...