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List Of Da Capo II Episodes - Summary of Series - Da Capo II: Second Season
... back to the hotel where everyone is staying 06 "Cherry Blossom Mystery" "Sakura Meikyū" (桜迷宮) 2008-05-10 Otome and Yoshiyuki have started ... then asks them if they realize that the sakura trees on the island are always in bloom, and tells them the story behind the wish granting Sakura ... the story about a girl who gained a powerful memory from the wish granting sakura tree 07 "Unchanging Dream" "Kaerarenai Yume" (変えられない夢) 2008-05-17 As Otome and ...
List Of Da Capo Series Characters - Da Capo II - Original Main Characters
... The son Sakura and Jun'ichi never had, brought into existence by the new unwilting sakura tree ... refers to this as well as it can be taken to mean "Yoshiyuki born from within Sakura" ... Otome seems to be one of the two persons, besides Sakura, to have known that Yoshiyuki was created due to the a wish upon the Sakura tree ...
List Of Da Capo Series Characters - Da Capo II - Supporting Characters
... Sakura Yoshino (芳乃さくら, Yoshino Sakura?) Voiced by Minami Hokuto / Yukari Tamura / Suzuko Mimori (T.P.Sakura) Sakura is one of the two returning characters from Da Capo ... In the second season of the anime, Sakura is shown to be unsure of the continuing warmness of the family together with Yume, Otome and Yoshiyuki ... She is related to Yoshiyuki in some way and created Yoshiyuki out of a Sakura tree which granted her wish when she was lonely and needed company ...

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