• (noun): A city in South Vietnam; formerly (as Saigon) it was the capital of French Indochina.
    Synonyms: Ho Chi Minh City

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Siege Of Saigon
... The Siege of Saigon, a two-year siege of the city by the Vietnamese after its capture on 17 February 1859 by a Franco-Spanish flotilla under the command of the French admiral ... Saigon was of great strategic importance, both as the key food-producing area of Vietnam and as the gateway to Cochinchina ...
Cochinchina Campaign - Tourane and Saigon
... of success, and in January 1859 proposed to the navy ministry an expedition against Saigon in Cochinchina, a city of considerable strategic significance as a source of food for the ... French garrison and two gunboats, Rigault de Genouilly sailed south for Saigon ... river defences and destroying a series of forts and stockades along the Saigon river, the French and Spanish captured Saigon ...
Léonard Charner - War in Vietnam
... to support French troops encircled in Saigon ... On February 11, 1861, he relieved the Siege of Saigon, thereby continuing the endeavour of Admiral Rigault de Genouilly, and permitting the establishment of the first French territories ... wrote to Charner "We wish to draw commerce to Saigon (...) What we want is a sort of suzerainty or sovereignty with free trade accessible to all" ...
Siege Of Saigon - Allied Occupation of Saigon, February 1859–February 1860
... The citadel of Saigon was enormous, and the allies did not have enough men to hold it securely ... the command of capitaine de frégate Bernard Jauréguiberry to hold Saigon ... Primauguet, the gunboats Avalanche and Dragonne and the transport Durance at Saigon ...
Capture Of My Tho - Background
... Spanish victories at Tourane (Da Nang) and Saigon, the Cochinchina campaign reached a point of equilibrium in 1860 ... At the same time they were besieged in Saigon, which had been captured by a Franco-Spanish expedition under the command of Admiral Charles Rigault de Genouilly on ... In early 1861 Admiral Léonard Charner broke the Siege of Saigon by defeating the Vietnamese besieging army at the Battle of Ky Hoa (25 February 1861) ...

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