Sahu Todar

Sahu Todar (साहु टोडर), an Agrawal Jain, was a supervisor of the royal mint at Agra during the rule of Akbar. He was a patron of scholars and had repaired ancient monuments of Mathura.

He was son of Sahu Rupchand of Bhatainakol (near Aligarh). Hiw wife was Kasumbhi and had four sons.

Mathura was an ancient Jain center. By his time the Jain monuments there had fallen into disrepair. He had 514 Jain stupas rebuilt and had organized a pratishtha in 1573.

He had also built in Jain temple at Agra, which was the residence of a female ascetic scholar Hamiribai.

With his patronage, Pande Rajamalla had composed Jambuswami Charitra in 1575. and Pandit Jinadasa had written a Hindi version of the same account in 1585.

His son Sahu Rishabhadas was also a patron of scholarship. Pandit Nayavilasa had written a commentary on Shubhachandra's Jnanarnava.