Ruslan may refer to:

  • Ruslan (given name), a male given name used mainly in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan
  • Ruslan (film), a 2009 film starring Steven Seagal
  • Antonov An-124, a large cargo aircraft called the Ruslan, built in Ukraine and Russia

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Dragoneer's Aria - Plot - Playable Characters
... Ruslan L'avelith A guardian of the Earth Dragon who joins Valen in order to protect the holy spirits and Mother Nature from destruction ... Ruslan is proud of his elven heritage, and looks down on humans and dragoons ... In the Japanese version of the game, Ruslan's last name is Avelith (アベリツェフ, Aberiisu?) ...
Ruslan Myrsatayev
... Ruslan Myrsatayev (born May 7, 1985) is a Kazakh boxer best known for qualifying in the Super Heavyweight division(+91 kg) at the 2008 Summer Olympics ... Kazakhstan chose to send Ruslan over veteran Mukhtarkhan Dildabekov and big-punching Rustam Rygebayev who had competed at the 2007 World Championships to the second qualifier as Myrsatayev won the competition ...
Tatar Name - Common Non-Russian Names - Male
... after mountain of Caucasus Kazbek (Казбек) after mountain of Caucasus Ruslan (Руслан), after Pushkin's personage of Ruslan and Lyudmila ... Nevertheless, Ruslan may be a Russian rendering of Turkic name Arslan, although this has not been substantiated Timur (Тимур) after Tamerlane and Arkady Gaidar's personage Timur ...
ABN Bärdä - Current Squad
... Position Player 1 GK Khayal Zeynalov 2 Ruslan Sadigov 3 Ramil Mehtiyev 4 Vusal Veliyev 5 Nail Mammadov 6 Rahib Najafov 7 Samir Pashayev 8 Eldaniz Orujov 9 Ramin Nasibov 10 Sagif Khalidov 11 ... Position Player 12 Khalig Alekberov 14 Pervin Madatov 15 Ruslan Huseynov 17 Gadir İlyasov 20 MF İlgar Huseynov 22 GK Bakhtiyar Gozalov 23 Samir Mutallimov 24 ...