Rus or RUS may refer to:

  • Rus (name) (Русь Rus' ) the transliteration of the Slavic name for Ruthenia. Historical states known as "Rus" are:
    • Rus' (region), the associated territory
    • Rus' people, the people of Rus'
    • early Rus', the formative phase of the polity during the 9th century
    • Kievan Rus'
    • Novgorod Republic
    • Kingdom of Rus' or Galicia-Volhynia
    • Vladimir-Suzdal Rus
    • the Tsardom of Rus or Muscovy
  • Rus, a legendary eponymous ancestor, see Lech, Czech and Rus
  • Rus (special forces), a unit of interior troops of the Russian Federation
  • Rus (1903), a Russian newspaper published intermittently from 1903 to 1908
  • RUS, an acronym for Rural Utilities Service, an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture
  • RUS, an acronym for Recipient Update Service, a service of Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Informal name of Prospective Piloted Transport System, a Russian planned manned spacetransport system
  • Route utilisation strategy
Places - contemporary
  • Ruś (disambiguation), the name of several Polish villages
  • Rus, Jaén, a municipality in the Province of Jaén (Spain)
  • Rus, Sălaj, a commune in Sălaj County, Romania
  • Rus, a village in Dumbrăviţa Commune, Maramureş County, Romania
  • rus, the ISO 639-2 code for the Russian language
  • RUS, the ISO 3166-1 code for the Russian Federation
  • Arantxa Rus, Dutch tennis player
  • Unofficial name of Prospective Piloted Transport System, a Russian proposed manned spacecraft

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