Royalist Attack On Chaves

Royalist Attack On Chaves

The attack on Chaves, Portugal, which occurred on July 8, 1912, was a military action performed by supporters of the monarchy of Portugal in opposition to the Portuguese First Republic, which had been proclaimed two years prior.

The attack was led by Henrique Paiva Couceiro, who had campaigned in Africa and who had become the leader of the royalists. The royalists had been discreetly armed by the Spanish king, Alfonso XIII, and had concentrated their forces in Galicia.

The attack ended with a defeat for the royalist forces.

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Royalist Attack On Chaves - Royalist Defeat
... The royalists were unable to return fire, and this defeat resulted in a general celebration in Chaves ... In honor of the republican victory, in Lisbon a street was given the name “Defenders of Chaves”, and in Porto another street was given the name “Heroes of Chaves.” ...

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