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Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star - Survivors
... Canada Former Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) #133346,#133500,#133573 respectively registered as C-FUPM,C-FUPO,C-FUPP restored to flying condition with the Jet Aircraft Museum, London ... Former Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) #133052,#133263,#133441 under restoration to flying condition with the Jet Aircraft Museum, London, Ontario ... Former Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) on a plinth, Pictou, Nova Scotia ...
List Of Canadian Organizations With Royal Prefix - Military
... Royal prefix granted by Queen Victoria Year Organization 1874 Royal Military College of Canada 1887 Royal School of Cavalry (later Royal Canadian Dragoons) 1892 Royal Canadian Regiment ...
List Of Canadian Flying Aces - World War II (1939–1945)
... The following is a list of Canadians that achieved 5 or more victories during World War II ... Name Victories Service George Frederick Beurling 31.33 Royal Air Force Royal Canadian Air Force Henry Wallace McLeod 21 Royal Air Force Royal Canadian ... Ray 8 Royal Air Force Joseph Guillaume Laurent Robillard 8 Royal Air Force Royal Canadian Air Force Rayne Dennis Schultz 8 Royal Canadian Air Force James Hamilton Ballantyne 7.75 Royal Air Force ...
Hugh Lester Campbell
... Air Marshal Hugh Lester Campbell, CBE, CD (born July 13, 1908 - died May 25, 1987, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) was a politician for Northwest Territories, Canada and a ... Joining the Royal Canadian Air Force just before his 20th birthday, he was granted the provisional rank of pilot officer on 4 June 1928 ... During World War II, Campbell served as the Director of Air Staff at the RCAF Overseas Headquarters ...
List Of Royal Canadian Air Force Squadrons
... The Royal Canadian Air Force existed from 1924 to 1968, later designated Canadian Forces Air Command under the Canadian Forces, and then renamed to its original historic name of Royal ... squadrons that have served with Canada's air force since 1924 ...

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