Royal Arch Degree

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Royal Arch Masonry - Development of The Royal Arch Degrees
... The actual founding of Royal Arch Masonry is unknown ... Until 1797, Lodges performed the Chapter degrees, as well as some others that are now more familiarly part of the Knights Templar degrees, such as Order of the Red Cross and the Knights Templar degree ... The Royal Arch degree's earliest, undisputed appearance is in Ireland and it was Irish Freemasons, and the Antients Grand Lodge in England, who ...
York Rite - Equivalent Independent Bodies - Holy Royal Arch
... The Holy Royal Arch is affiliated to many different constitutions worldwide, many of which place different emphasis on the order ... England, Europe and Australasia - A Holy Royal Arch Chapter is required to be sponsored by a Craft Lodge and bears the same number (and in almost all cases the same name) however, the HRA is a separate Order from ... Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter is governed from the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England, but the administration remains distinct - though many officers of the Grand ...

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