Rouvres is the name or part of the name of several communes in France:

  • Rouvres, Calvados, in the Calvados partement
  • Rouvres, Eure-et-Loir, in the Eure-et-Loir département
  • Rouvres, Seine-et-Marne, in the Seine-et-Marne département
  • Rouvres-en-Multien, in the Oise département
  • Rouvres-en-Plaine, in the Côte-d'Or département
  • Rouvres-en-Woëvre, in the Meuse département
  • Rouvres-en-Xaintois, in the Vosges département
  • Rouvres-la-Chétive, in the Vosges département
  • Rouvres-les-Bois, in the Indre département
  • Rouvres-les-Vignes, in the Aube département
  • Rouvres-Saint-Jean, in the Loiret département
  • Rouvres-sous-Meilly, in the Côte-d'Or département
  • Rouvres-sur-Aube, in the Haute-Marne département

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Communes Of The Côte-d'Or Department
21270 Maxilly-sur-Saône 21320 ... Meilly-sur-Rouvres 21580 ... Le Meix 21190 ... Meloisey 21290 ... Menesble 21430 ... Ménessaire 21150 ... Ménétreux-le-Pitois 21405 21190 ...
Étain-Rouvres Air Base
... Surface ft m 2/20 7,900 2,407 Concrete Location of Étain-Rouvres Air Base, France Étain - Rouvres Air Base (ICAO LFQE) is a base of the French Army Light Aviation ... the west side of the Départemental 906 (D906) (Meuse) road, adjacent to the village of Rouvres-en-Woevre in the Meuse département about 12 miles east of Verdun ... During the Cold War, Étain-Rouvres was a front-line base for the United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) ...
Duchy Of Burgundy - The Capetian Dukes
... a single surviving child, Philip I, Duke of Burgundy, also known as Philip of Rouvres ... By inheritance, Philip of Rouvres was Duke of Burgundy from 1349 ... rule over these counties as he had done since his marriage to Countess Joan, Philip of Rouvres being only a baby ...