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Quaternions And Spatial Rotation - Quaternion Rotation Operations - The Hypersphere of Rotations - Visualizing The Space of Rotations
... represent the mathematical space of rotations in three dimensions in a very straightforward way ... The correspondence between rotations and quaternions can be understood by first visualizing the space of rotations itself ... In order to visualize the space of rotations, it helps to consider a simpler case ...
Charts On SO(3) - The Hypersphere of Rotations - Aliases
... Also, each rotation is actually represented by two antipodal points on the sphere, which are at opposite ends of a line through the center of the sphere ... This reflects the fact that each rotation can be represented as a rotation about some axis, or, equivalently, as a negative rotation about an axis pointing in the opposite ... The "latitude" of a circle representing a particular rotation angle will be half of the angle represented by that rotation, since as the point is moved ...

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