In Sanskrit Roshan means "light" or "brightness". Roshan is also a gotra in the Khatri community in India that is often used as a family name. Roshan is quiet popular name in context of Nepal. Majority of the parents give their child the name as their identity. Roshan may refer to:

  • Roshan Gurung (Hawaa)
  • Roshan Gurung (Singer/Musician), Popular Nepali Singer
  • Roshan (music director), Hindi music composer of the 1950s and 1960s
  • Rajesh Roshan, Hindi music composer and son of the above music composer
  • Rakesh Roshan, Hindi actor and movie director and another son of music director Roshan
  • Hrithik Roshan, Hindi film actor, son of Rakesh Roshan


  • Roshan (telco), GSM service provider in Afghanistan
  • Roshan Seth, Indian-born British actor
  • Roshan Mahanama, Sri Lankan cricketer
  • Rushani language, language spoken in Afghanistan and Tajikistan; sometimes spelled "Roshani"
  • Rushon District, district in Tajikistan; sometimes spelled "Roshan"
  • Roshan Singh (1892-1927), Indian revolutionary

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