Rod of Seven Parts

In many campaign settings for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game the Rod of Seven Parts, formerly known as the Rod of Law, is a powerful artifact.

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Rod Of Seven Parts - Publication History
... The Rod of Seven Parts first appeared in the Original D D supplement, Eldritch Wizardry ... The Rod of Seven Parts appeared in the Arms and Equipment Guide (2003), on page 154 ... The Rod has even been the object of quests as in the adventure path, Age of Worms ...

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    Though of erect nature, man is far above the plants. For man’s superior part, his head, is turned toward the superior part of the world, and his inferior part is turned toward the inferior world; and therefore he is perfectly disposed as to the general situation of his body. Plants have the superior part turned towards the lower world, since their roots correspond to the mouth, and their inferior parts towards the upper world.
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