Rod of Seven Parts - Publication History

Publication History

The Rod of Seven Parts first appeared in the Original D&D supplement, Eldritch Wizardry. It was one of the first artifacts detailed for the Dungeons & Dragons game. This artifact has been updated many times, has received an eponymous boxed set based around it including an adventure. The Rod of Seven Parts appeared in the Arms and Equipment Guide (2003), on page 154. The Rod has even been the object of quests as in the adventure path, Age of Worms. In the Age of Worms Adventure Path, the seventh part of the Rod lies in the tomb of the Wind Duke general Icosiol. The sixth part lies on another plane. The Rod of Seven Parts is one of the few artifacts to be given a detailed history and guide for any campaign world.

The Rod of Seven Parts was also a featured item in a fantasy novel by Douglas Niles, titled The Rod of Seven Parts. The story deals with the return of the Rod and the forces of Chaos trying to keep it apart. The book by veteran writer Niles received mostly positive reviews from This makes the Rod the only major Dungeons & Dragons magical artifact to be featured in its own stand alone product and a novel.

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