Riviera can also refer to:

  • 1426 Riviera, a main-belt asteroid
  • Buick Riviera, a luxury car built from 1963-1999
  • Riviera, a model of guitar manufactured by Epiphone.
  • Riviera (company), an Australian pleasure boat building company
  • Riviera (hotel and casino) ("The Riv"), a resort on the Las Vegas Strip
  • "Riviera" (song), a 1956 song written by Cy Coleman and Joseph McCarthy, Jr. and performed by Mabel Mercer or Blossom Dearie
  • Riviera Country Club, a country club in Pacific Palisades, California, notable for its golf course
  • "Riviera Paradise", a 1989 song improvised by Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Riviera: The Promised Land, a Wonderswan Color role-playing game that was ported to Game Boy Advance and PlayStation Portable
  • HMS Riviera, MS Riviera or SS Riviera, a name for a ship
  • The Rivieras, a 1960s rock and roll group.
  • Riviera LRT Station, an LRT station in Punggol, Singapore

Other articles related to "riviera":

SIAI Marchetti FN.333 - Development
... The FN.333 Riviera was originally developed by the Nardi Company at Aeroporto Forlanini, Milan, Italy ... The first prototype Riviera was registered I-KISS, and was a three-seat aircraft ... Company lacked the resources to fully develop the Riviera, and as a result the third aircraft did not fly until 14 October 1956 ...
Carretera Costera Riviera Mayo
... Carretera Costera Riviera Mayo (Mayo Riviera Coastal Road) formerly known as Brecha de Sinaloa is a state road in the Mexican state of Sonora ...
Cornish Riviera Express - Publicity
... In addition to the Cornish Riviera Express, the Great Western Railway promoted the "Cornish Riviera" in other ways ... Postcards were also produced showing local views and a map of the "Cornish Riviera" ... A series of books entitled The Cornish Riviera were published ...
Riviera, Varna Province
... Riviera Holiday Club is a Bulgarian Black Sea resort located 17 km north-east of the city of Varna, on E-87 international road, and at 27 km from Varna Airport ... Kara Dere Luna Obzor (Burgas Province) Pasha Dere Prostor Rakitnika Rai Riviera Romantika Constantine and Helena Shkorpilovtsi Sunny Day Trakata Varna ...
SIAI Marchetti FN.333 - Design
... The Riviera is a unique, though not unattractive design, somewhat similar to the famous Republic Seabee of the 1940s ... The major difference between the Riviera and the Seabee is the use of a high twin-boom tail arrangement on the Riviera while the Seabee uses a single ... The Riviera uses a tricycle landing gear, with the nose gear retracting into the nose and concealed behind two small nose gear doors ...