Ríos or Rios are Spanish, Portuguese and Galician surnames. It literally means "rivers."

Ríos or Rios is the name of:

  • Alberto Ríos (born 1952), poet
  • Alex Ríos (born 1981), Puerto Rican-American baseball player
  • Ann Marie Rios (born 1981), American pornographic actress
  • Christopher Rios (1971–2000), better known by the stage name "Big Pun", Puerto Rican rapper
  • Carmelo Ríos (born 1959), Puerto Rican long-distance runner
  • Danny Rios (born 1972), American baseball player in Nippon Professional Baseball
  • Efraín Ríos Montt (born 1926), former de facto President of Guatemala
  • Filiberto Ojeda Ríos (1933-2005), Puerto Rican separatist
  • Gabriel Ríos (born 1978), Belgian singer
  • Jaime Rios, judge on the New York Supreme Court for Queens County
  • José Rios (born 1974), Spanish runner
  • Juan Antonio Ríos (1888-1946), President of Chile
  • Luigi Sante Da Rios (1881–1965) mathematician and physicist
  • Luis "Lou" Ríos (born 1977), American Skier, Portrait Artist, Entrepreneur
  • Marcelo Ríos (born 1975), Chilean tennis player
  • Melanie Rios (born 1991), Colombian pornographic actress
  • Miguel Ríos (born 1944), Spanish singer
  • Osvaldo Ríos (born 1960), Puerto Rican actor
  • Pedro Fernando Rios Soares Ramos (born 1983), Portuguese footballer known as simply Rios
  • Rebecca Rios, Spanish-American politician
  • Valerie Rios, Colombian pornographic actress
  • Zury Ríos Montt (born 1968), Guatemalan politician

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