Rika may refer to:

  • Rika, Ilam, Iran
  • Rika, alternate name of Hasan Bagi-ye Rika, Iran
  • Riq'a, a calligraphic variety of Arabic script

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List Of Air Gear Characters - Major Teams - Sleeping Forest - Mikan Noyamano
... battle against Genesis, Sora reveals a captive Rika and is trying to force the team to give up their advantage in the forest ... Mikan is the only one who chooses to save Rika over keeping their advantage, even going so far as to quit the team in order to do so ... She mentions that if it were Rika alone who was in danger, she wouldn't bother saving her, but because Rika was pregnant, she would do anything to save her ...
List Of Digimon Tamers Characters - Tamers - Rika - Renamon
... She has no memory of her life before meeting Rika, whom she first saw as nothing more but a means to become stronger ... IceDevimon and the two parting ways, Renamon begins to understand Rika and vice versa as she becomes more focus on protecting Rika as their partnership becomes mutual over time ... to Viximon as a side effect of the Red Card and she was forced to part ways with Rika ...
Rika Miura
... Rika Miura (三浦リカ, Miura Rika?, born November 15, 1958) is a Japanese actress ... Rika earned money as a child model, and made her debut in television commercials advertising Kirin Lemon, a soft drink, in 1974, as the product's fourth ... Her first lead role was in Sachiko no Shiawase Since then, Rika has appeared eight times as a guest star on the jidaigeki Mito Kōmon, more than any other woman ...
Rika - Characters
... Rika, a character in the light novel Chaotic Helleaven Rika (Phantasy Star IV), also known as Fal, a character in the video game Phantasy Star IV Rika Furude, a character from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rika Nonaka ...
List Of Cardcaptor Sakura Characters - Recurring Minor Characters - Rika Sasaki
... Rika Sasaki (佐々木 利佳, Sasaki Rika?) is a classmate and friend of titular character Sakura Kinomoto ... During the series, Rika is affected by the Clow Cards several times ... Sakura is able to stop Rika by using The Illusion card to show her an image of her beloved (or greatest fear in the English dub), allowing Sakura to capture the card ...