Rifles in The American Civil War

Rifles In The American Civil War

During the American Civil War, the rifle was the most common weapon found on the battlefield. Most of the rifles during that time were loaded with a small lead musket ball or with a minnie ball (or MiniƩ ball) and black powder. Most rifles of this era were muzzle loaded rifled muskets. These rifles were used by both the United States of America ("Union") and the Confederate States of America.

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Rifles In The American Civil War - Types - Other Rifles Used
... Other rifles used during the Civil War were the British P-1841-Bored Brunswick Rifle (not common), Burnside carbine (used only by cavalry), Henry rifle (privately purchased by ... There was also the Model 1859 Sharps rifle, a single-shot breechloader ... The rifles differed from each other mainly in the different "actions" they had ...

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    A war between Europeans is a civil war.
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