Richard II

  • (noun): King of England from 1377 to 1399; he suppressed the Peasant's Revolt in 1381 but his reign was marked by popular discontent and baronial opposition in Parliament and he was forced to abdicate in 1399 (1367-1400).

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Alternative Successions Of The English Crown - Abdication of Richard II
... Richard II abdicated in favour of Henry Bolingbroke on 29 September 1399 ... of Lionel of Antwerp Map of Succession House of Plantagenet Edward III • Richard II House of Mortimer Edmund I House of Plantagenet (Reunion) Richard III ... Edward III of England Edward, the Black Prince, first son of Edward III Richard II of England, second son of Edward, the Black Prince Lionel of Antwerp, 1st Duke of ...
Statute Of Provisors - Statutes
2 3 Richard II 7 Richard II, c ... XII 12 Richard II, c ... XV 13 Richard II, St ...
Richard II, Duke Of Normandy - Other Marriages / Children
... Traditionally, Richard had a third wife named Astrid (Estritha), daughter of Sweyn Forkbeard, King of England, Denmark, and Norway, and Sigrid the Haughty ... An illegitimate daughter of Richard I, sometimes called "Papia", wife of the Advocate of Saint Valery-en-Caux, is sometimes instead given as a daughter of Richard II, but chronology favors her being his ... Muriella and Fredensenda are likewise given as daughters of "Duke Richard of Normandy", referring to either Richard I or Richard II, but the sources are late and untrustworthy ...
John Montacute, 3rd Earl Of Salisbury - Early Life
... of the King during the early years of the reign of Richard II ... the major aristocratic allies of King Richard II, helping to secure the fall of the Duke of Gloucester and the Earl of Warwick ... In May, he again accompanied Richard II on an expedition to Ireland ...

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