Reynolds Number

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Seymour Narrows
... can be sufficiently turbulent to realize a Reynolds number of about, i.e ... billion, which is possibly the largest Reynolds number regularly attained in natural water channels on Earth (the current speed is about 8 m/s, the nominal depth about 100 m) ... Turbulence develops usually around a Reynolds number of 2000, depending on the geometric structure of the channel ...
Johann Nikuradse
... He discovered that In range I, for small Reynolds number the resistance factor is the same for rough as for smooth pipes ... resistance factor was observed for an increasing Reynolds number ... In range III, the resistance factor is independent of the Reynolds number (quadratic law of resistance) ...
Insect Wing - Physiology - Aerodynamics - Governing Equations
... At the Reynolds numbers considered here, an appropriate force unit is 1/2(ρU2S), where ρ is the density of the fluid, S the wing area, and U the ... theorem) The flows around birds and insects can be considered incompressible The Mach number, or speed while moving through air, is typically 1/300 and the ... expressed in nondimensional form containing the Reynolds number, Re = UL/ν ...
Examples of Turbulence
... Then smoke becomes turbulent as its Reynolds number increases, as its velocity and characteristic length are both increasing ... separate the fast moving jet from the external fluid, and at a certain critical Reynolds number they become unstable and break down to turbulence ... the spring, when the flow is faster, a higher Reynolds Number is associated with the flow ...
Direct Numerical Simulation
... To satisfy these resolution requirements, the number N of points along a given mesh direction with increments h, must be , so that the integral scale is contained ... previous relations imply that a three-dimensional DNS requires a number of mesh points satisfying where Re is the turbulent Reynolds number ... the memory storage requirement in a DNS grows very fast with the Reynolds number ...

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