• (noun): The act of revising or altering (involving reconsideration and modification).
    Example: "It would require a drastic revision of his opinion"
    Synonyms: alteration
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Some articles on revision:

Tribunal For Local Governments In Kerala - Mode of Submission of Petitions
... The Appeal/Revision against the notice/order by the President/chairman or the Secretary of the Grama Panchayat/Municipality/Corporation or against the decision of the Panchayat ... Appeal/Revision against levy of tax Appeal/Revision shall be filed after remitting the tax demanded in the demand notice ... Legal Benefit Fund Stamps in the Appeal/Revision Petition ...
Lasertank - History - Versions
1.0 Original LaserTank program (1995 some time ??) 1.0.2 Minor Revision (11/1997) 1.1 Minor Revision (11/1997) 2.0 Major Revision (5/1998) 2.1 Minor Revision (1/1999) 3.0 Major Revision (5/1999) 3.1 ...
Livermore V. Waite - Opinion
... The constitution can be changed in two methods, a revision to the constitution by delegates in a convention with the purpose of revising the entire ... The court provided a definition under Article XVIII of an amendment and a revision The very term "constitution" implies an instrument of a permanent and abiding nature, and the ... passed in accordance with either method in the Constitution for amendment or revision, therefore rendering it unconstitutional ...
A Colour Symphony - Revision
... The last movement, "Green", was separately published as Pyonepsion. ...
Starlight Express (song) - Music and Lyrics - Revision
... The song has undergone some revision since the show was premiered in London ... The first draft started with the line When your goodnights have been said and you are lying in bed' However, the verses were rewritten when the show opened on Broadway, in Germany, Japan and Australia ...

More definitions of "revision":

  • (noun): Something that has been written again.
    Synonyms: rewrite, rescript