• (verb): Fit in or on an existing structure, such as an older house.
    Example: "The mansion was retrofitted with modern plumbing"
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Some articles on retrofit:

Continuous Ink System - Retrofit Accessory Kits
... Retrofit continuous ink tanks designs vary, and most incorporate a constant level, barometric pressure design ... and negative gauge air pressure in the back tank delivers ink to the cartridges Retrofit ink tanks Retrofit ink tubes suspended from the T-shaped plastic support Retrofit ink ...
Bixby Creek Bridge - History - Seismic Retrofitting
... as part of the Caltrans Phase II seismic retrofit program ... The $20 million seismic retrofit began in May, 1998 ... The cost of the retrofit was considerably increased by the requirement to preserve the historical look of the bridge ...
... power plant retrofit, improving power plant efficiency / increasing output / reducing emissions home energy retrofit, the improving of existing buildings with energy efficiency ...
Seismic Retrofit - Residential Retrofit
... of plywood to cripple walls are a few basic retrofit techniques which homeowners may apply to wood-framed residential structures to mitigate the effects of seismic activity ... Public awareness and initiative are critical to the retrofit and preservation of existing building stock, and such efforts as those of the Association ...
Dowel Bar Retrofit Overview
... The retrofit begins with cutting of six slots (three in each wheel path) across all transverse joints or cracks ... Without the dowel bar retrofit this grinding would have to be repeated every six to eight years, but it is predicted that the retrofit will greatly increase this ... Dowel Bar Retrofit has been proven to outlast Asphalt Overlay by at least ten years, and significantly improves ride quality ...

More definitions of "retrofit":

  • (noun): A component or accessory added to something after it has been manufactured.
  • (noun): The act of adding a component or accessory to something that did not have it when it was manufactured.
    Example: "The court ordered a retrofit on all automobiles"
  • (verb): Substitute new or modernized parts or equipment for older ones.
    Example: "The laboratory retrofitted to meet the safety codes"
  • (verb): Provide with parts, devices, or equipment not available or in use at the time of the original manufacture.
    Example: "They car companies retrofitted all the old models with new carburetors"